Whether you have a rough idea or know exactly what you want, the Motolab process makes things as easy as possible. It begins with an initial consultation, during which you describe your situation and we determine if we can be of assistance.

If the answer is "yes," we perform a needs analysis and generate a list of actions, which might include some or all of the following:


We investigate various off-the-shelf solutions or ways to build what we need.


If modifications are required, we measure critical dimensions to establish an engineering baseline.


We create 2D and/or 3D computer renderings that facilitate visualization and manufacturing.

Buying and/or building

We implement the solutions chosen during the research phase. Here we purchase and/or manufacture the required components.


During this process, we take the opportunity to uncover possible fit and functionality issues.

In-house testing

We perform quantitative tests, such as dyno testing and exhaust gas analysis, as well as quality assurance procedures, including safety testing and shakedown runs.

Subjective testing

After in-house testing and prior to finishing, the client personally tests the product in order to provide input which assists us in refining the results.


We implement feedback from in-house and subjective testing.


Final cosmetic work, such as plating, painting and polishing.

Documentation of the completed project

The client receives blueprints, dyno charts, EGA readings, and test & measurement specs that detail the project.

Throughout the process, we communicate our progress with you, discussing next steps and any other pertinent information. We believe that the free exchange of ideas, coupled with our analytical process, will consistently reveal the most effective course of action and achieve the highest quality.

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