Adjustable offset triple clamp (upper)

We developed these triple clamps to correct a severe handling issue induced by the installation of GSX-R1100 forks on an FXR with the standard GSX-R triple clamps. The GSX-R clamps have far too little offset, which creates excessive trail. These triple clamps reduce the trail to below the stock FXR's, have ±6mm of adjustment, and produce handling uncharacteristically good for a Harley-Davidson. Each set of bushings has a set of steering stops that goes with it, which, if the bushings are reversed, is also reversed (see lower clamp).

solid model



lower triple clamp

solid model of both upper & lower triple clamps

stock FXR chassis geometry

FXR chassis geometry with GSX-R forks & triple clamps

FXR chassis geometry with GSX-R forks & motolab triple clamps

caliper brackets to mount PM calipers on GSX-R forks

FXR tank with frenched-in GSX-R filler cap

dyno chart

photo by CT3

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