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CB350 top end special tools

Left to right: Cam tower machining fixtures (for setting the cam end play when not using gaskets), rocker mandrel (for machining oil drain slots for use when shimming rockers), facing cutter with removable shank and pilot (for facing inboard rocker box rocker thrust surface), rocker alignment tool (for shimming rocker arms to center over rocker arms), crank turning adapter (allows the use of Ducati crank handle and degree wheel), cam chain tunnel block hold down, and cooling fin block hold downs (for decking the block).

cam end play measurement

machining rocker arms

rocker box machining

slotting cam sprocket

finding TDC

degreeing cam

thinned throttle shafts

countersunk choke butterfly screws

upgraded ignition & regulator rectifier with custom brackets

coils with custom brackets

dyno chart

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