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Engine side covers

right side

Machined from 7075-T6 aluminum, with replaceable Delrin puck. Developed to protect the cases from breaking when the fragile stock covers shatter in a tip over.

Shown installed on '86-'88 FZ600

Will also fit:
YX600 Radian '86-'88 both sides
YX600 Radian, '89-'90 right side
FJ600, '84-'85 both sides
XJ550 Seca, '81-'83 both sides
XJ550 Maxim, '81-'83 both sides
XJ650 Seca, '81-'83 both sides
XJ650 Turbo '82-'83 both sides
XJ650 Maxim '81-'83 both sides
XJ700 Maxim '85 both sides
XJ700 Maxim X '85-'86 both sides
XJ750 Seca, '81-'83 both sides
XJ750 Maxim '81-'83 both sides
XJ750 Midnight Maxim '83 both sides
XJ900 Seca '82-'83 both sides
FJ1100, '84-'85 left side
FJ1200 '86-'93 left side

left side

uninstalled, unanodized

CAD model

big brakes on an FZ600

another trick FZ600
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